12Days Colorful Guizhou Tour

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Tour Type: Private Tour
Best Travel Time: All Year Round
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Day Destination Highlights
1 Kunming-Guiyang
2 Guiyang/Zhijin Cave/Anshun
3 Anshun
4 Anshun /Guiyang
5 Guiyang/Libo
6 Libo/Congjiang/Zhaoxing
7 Zhaoxing/Zhenyuan
8 Zhenyuan/Tongren
9 Tongren/Fanjinshan/Xijiang
10 Xijiang/Guiyang
11 Guiyang
12 Guiyang/Kunming Depart
Day1 Kunming-Guiyang
Fly to Kunming, bus to Kunming South Station, then take a bullet-train to Guiyang city.2h on the way.
Meals: Dinner
Accommodation: Guiyang

Day2 Guiyang/Zhijin Cave/Anshun
We drive to visit Zhijin Cave, the most beautiful limestone cave in China.The first thing about the beauty of the Zhijin Cave is its colossal volume. Its entrance sits half way up a mountainside in the northeast of Zhijin Cave, it is 12.1 kilometers in length and consisting of four levels and five subsidiary caves, with a total floor area of 700, 000 square meters-way bigger than Tian'anmen Square's. Its height normally ranges between 60 and l 00 meters, but at its highest point of about l 50 meters it is as tall as a 50-storey building. After that we check in the hotel in Anshun. Guiyang to Zhijin is 110 km and 1 hour 30 minutes driving Zhijin to Anshun is 93 km and 1 hour 30 minutes driving
Meals: Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner
Accommodation: Anshun

Day3 Anshun
we visit Tianlong tunpu,a military settlement built during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). On a walking tour, you will find yourself stepping into a “stone city”, full of historically old stone houses, watchtowers, flagstone lanes, etc. Despite the changing of dynasties, people here still retain Ming-era lifestyle, clothing and traditions. Visit the Dragon Palace Cave Scenic Area.(elevator up and down, boat include)it is famous for over 90 fabulous caves and uncountable amazing waterfalls inside. When you enter in those various caves, you will feel like that you are going to visit the palace for Dragon King living under the water in Chinese tales and myths. It is also why it is named Dragon Palace. With its grotesque structure, the Dragon Palace Cave Scenic Area presents colorful scenery of underground wind tunnel which can be toured by boat.we drive to Anshun and check in the hotel.
Meals: Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner
Accommodation: Anshun

Day4 Anshun /Guiyang
We go to visit theHuangguoshu National Park, which is a big area, besidesthe Huangguoshu Waterfall, also visit Doupotang Waterfall and Tianxingqiao. Huangguoshu Waterfall is the third largest waterfall in the world second to Niagara Falls and Victoria Falls. Consisting of 18 waterfalls of diversified styles stretching 20 kilometers, the whole Huangguoshu Waterfalls Scenic Area is magnificent with grand remarkable interlinked waterfalls, fantastic karst caves and underground lakes, and the superb beauty of ambient. Being a typical Karst falls, the 5A national scenic area of Huangguoshu Waterfall present a amazing karst landscape with waterfall groups, a string of caves, overlapping steep peaks, dense vegetation, and countless stone forest, cliffs and gorges.We drive to Guiyang and check in the hotel. Anshun to Guiyang is 90 km and 1 hour driving
Meals: Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner
Accommodation: Guiyang

Day5 Guiyang/Libo
We are driving to Libo in the morning, after lunch we visit the Xiaoqikong Bridge Being a city of bridges, there are about 100 ancient bridges in the city, the famous Xiaoqikong Bridge is stretched across the Xiangshui River. It is an old stone bridge which has seven arches. Standing on the bridge while appreciating the beautiful views makes people feel agreeable. Besides, the stone paved street in Guanghui Road in Duyun is worth visiting. The antique buildings on both sides of the street are endowed with ethnic flavors, simple but elegant.We also visit the Libodaqikong Bridges Guiyang to Libo is 148 km and 2 hrs driving
Meals: Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner
Accommodation: Libo

Day6 Libo/Congjiang/Zhaoxing
We are driving to Congjiang in the morning, after lunch we visit the Basha Miao Village,The custom of drinking a bowl of mandatory rice wine has been remained among Miao villages. One of the distinguishing features of Miao’s culture is that they pass down their history by embroidery for there is no available written language. The Miao woman, known for her fine embroidery skill, begins to make her ceremonial clothing since she has fully learnt the art. Lusheng, a kind of Chinese wind instrument, is highly developed by Miao. The other unique feature of Basha people is that they are allowed to carry guns. It is the only such kind of tribe in China.Then we drive to Zhaoxing Town and check in the hotel. Libo to Congjiang is 416 km and 5 hrs driving Congjiang to Zhaoxing Town is 39 km and 1 hrs driving
Meals: Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner
Accommodation: Zhaoxing

Day7 Zhaoxing/Zhenyuan
We drive to visit the Tangan Dong Village, it is one of the largest Dong Villages in Qiandongnan area in Guizhou. Walking into Zhaoxing Dong Village, one will feel as though the clock is being turned back. All the buildings in the village are wooden-stilt houses. This is a picturesque village noted for the beautiful natural sights and unique ethnic flavor. It is surrounded by verdant mountains with a crystal stream running through. Check in the hotel for rest. We visit the Zhaoxing Dong Village, the biggest Dong minority village, is honored as “one of the most beautiful villages in China”. Architectures (drum towers and roofed-bridges) and customs in good keep,a performance of Dong songs and dancing is the highlight for tourists every evening. As the focal point of the whole town, it is the place villagers holding the special events and ceremonies such as the wedding and public meeting. Dong people have a long history as long as the Qing Dynasty. Because there is no written language, the song becomes a very important part in their daily life. We drive to Zhenyuan ancient town in the later afternoon, and stay in the guesthouse in the old town. ,Zhaoxing to Zhengyuan is 250 km and 3 hrs driving
Meals: Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner
Accommodation: Zhenyuan

Day8 Zhenyuan/Tongren
We visit the Zhenyuan ancient townin the morning,with a history of more than 2000 yearsfrom the Han dynasty. This town is surrounded by mountains and the Wuyang river goesthrough in the middle with a line of S, so it is called as a Taichi town. Most of the oldgates and walls were built in the Ming dynasty and many old family houses are wellpreserved. In the afternoon take a cruise trip on the Wuyang River which has similarscenery to the Three gorges of Yangtze River and the Li River from Guilin to Yangshuo.A peacock rock is the most famous scenic spot. Visit the Black Dragon Cave, which is a group ancient architectures of Buddhism,Taoismand Confucianism. Drive about 2.5 hours to Fanjingshan. After lunch, take the cable-carup to the top of Fanjing Mountains, Jinding (Golden peak temple), known as the ashramof Smiling Buddha (Maitreya). Zhengyuan to Tongren is 182 km and 2 hrs 30 minutes
Meals: Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner
Accommodation: Tongren

Day9 Tongren/Fanjinshan/Xijiang
We drive to visit Fanjinshan Mountains, Fanjing Mountain National Nature Reserve is one of the main peaks of Wuling Mountain Range. The whole reserve covers an area of 567 sq kilometers (219 sq miles), dominated by the primitive vegetation. Fanjing Mountain National Nature Reserve was established in 1978 under the approval of the government of Guizhou Province. In 1986, it was promoted to a national nature reserve and, in the same year, it was included in the 'Man and Biosphere' Protection Network of UNESCO. On Jul. 2nd, 2018, it was listed as a World Heritage by UNESCO. The religious significance adds a splendor to the charm of Fanjingshan. It is a holy site for Buddhism and their adherents. As a saying goes, it is nature that shaped the fantastic scenery of the mountain, and it is Buddhists that made the mountain well-known. 'Fanjing' in Chinese, means a pure land for Buddhists. The serene environment allows visitors to feel their minds purified. Its established reputation as a sacred land of Buddhism can be traced back to the 16th century. In the mountain there are numerous Buddha temples, of which the temples worshiping Maitreya and Sakyamuni are the most famous. Each year, thousands of adherents flock there to worship. Drive to Xijiang in the afternoon, we take a night view for Xijiang Qianhu Miao village.
Meals: Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner
Accommodation: Xijiang

Day10 Xijiang/Guiyang
We take a tour in Qianhu Miao Village in the morning, also named 'China's Miao stockade village of one thousand households’, is supposed to be the largest Miao Village in China. A continuous row of houses spreads in line of the hilly area. These houses are unique and grand under sunshine and verdant trees. Researchers believe the village is the 'living fossil' to study Miao ethic minority's history and traditional culture. Senior Miao women wear their long dark hair coiled up in neat buns on the top of their heads while the younger Miao women prefer to adorn them with large colorful plastic or bone combs and pretty flowers. Each woman has her traditional clothing, head dress and other jeweler which is worn at special festivals throughout the year.
Meals: Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner
Accommodation: Guiyang

Day11 Guiyang
Drive 2.5 hours to Qingyan ancient town, which was built from Ming dynasty (14th century), as a military fortress on ancient Chinese post road. There are many old houses in this town and people can visit different buildings of religions, like Buddhist and Taoist temples, Catholic and Protestant churches.Visit the Tianhetan National Park in the afternoon and drive to Guiyang city.
Meals: Breakfast,Lunch,Dinner
Accommodation: Guiyang

Day12 Guiyang/Kunming Depart
Take a bullet-train to Kunming in the morning (about 2 hours) and switch a bus to airport, then take a flight to Malaysia.
Meals: Breakfast,

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1.Entrance fee: the entrance ticket of scenery and its transfer bus

2.Vehicle:19 seats bus for 10 and 12 pax and 33 seats bus for those above 16 paxService all the trip include the pick up at airport, hotel and train station

3Hotel: 4 star hotel with twin share room, with breakfast, some time we have to stay in the guesthouse to see the sunrise or sunset. 

4.Train ticket: the second class seats of high speed train between Kunming and Guiyang

5.Tips: tips for tour guide and driver

6. all land tour guide service.

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International and domestic air ticket./ Meals such as lunch and dinner /Passport and its visa

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